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Monday, April 29, 2013

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Clock

 I absolutely adore Pottery Barn but to be honest I cannot see myself buying a $300 clock from there no matter how much I love it.
Ever since John and I started building things ourselves, we have a lot of wood, paint, stain and other materials that were left over from old projects. I was trying to find ways for making this clock without spending a fortune on materials and what do you know... I found a way. At first, I was going to make it out of a pallet but I was having a hard time taking it apart without cracking the wood (it was an old pallet). So, I went in my garage to find scraps of wood that were leftover from our farmhouse table we build and this is what I found.
 I gatherted all my wood and measured how big I could cut a circle out of these pieces if I glued them together. It came out to 3 feet wide, I decided that it would be big enough and got busy making it. Here is what you will need to do. 

I used a really strong wood glue to bond all the pieces together. You can also use Gorilla glue but in my opinion this stuff better.

 I used large clamps to bond it together and let them dry for 24 hours.

 After that, I used this tool to cut a circle out of the wood. You can also draw a circle on the wood and use this tool to cut. Then I used my sander to sand it down a bit and smooth out the edges just a tad.
 Time for the fun stuff... I applied the stain in the color red oak with a sponge brush, let it sit for 15 min then wipe excess stain with a dry cloth.

 After that I let it dry for a few hours before I applied the paint.

Time to paint. I used a white paint I had from a previous project to paint it white 
** You can use any type of water based paint**
 Apply a thin layer of paint and let it dry for an hour or so.
 Using a 120 grit sand paper, sand it down to get the worn look. When finished sanding wipe with a micro fiber cloth to get all the dust off.

 It took me a few days to figure out how to apply the letters and I think this is the best way to get perfect looking letters. I printed the roman letters and cut them perfectly then mod podged them on the wood.  Using a right angle and a tape measure, I placed the letters every 30 degrees.
** I used a matte finish mod podge.**
 I bought a faux clock hand from Hobby Lobby and used a screw to screw it in the middle.
This project cost me about $10 because I had all the wood, paint, stain, sand paper etc. The only thing I had to buy was the faux clock hand. This project might cost you more if you don't have the supplies on hand but most DIYers have the essentials.

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  1. This is great! I've been waiting to see how you did it! I might have to make one myself. :) I linked to you in my post today by the way! Happy Monday!

    Megan @ Bourne Southern

  2. What a neat clock! :)

    Thanks for joining the Blog Hop this week!

  3. Beautiful! I've been wanting one of these too. Your tutorial might make it a reality. Thanks

  4. This is so gorgeous Diana! I'd love to make one for my new house. I'll send you a pic if I do. :)

    Also, I'd love it if you'd share this on a new link party I host with 5 other blogs: Moonlight & Mason Jars Mondays! We feature 5 blogs who link up every week. The party closes at midnight tomorrow.

    Jenn Pilgrim

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I will be linking up right now!! Thank you!!!


  5. What a great knock-off! I'm featuring it in the PoPP Spotlight this week. Thanks for linking up.

  6. Wow!! I ♥♥♥ your clock! You did a beautiful job!

  7. So cool! Great idea! I may have to use this idea. My husbands been begging for a large clock. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Awesome clock! I've really been wanting to create one for the home office, so I'm pinning this one to give me some inspiration when it's time for that project. :)

    1. That's exciting! I would like to see it when you are done... Link a picture on my Facebook page!

  9. Very cool Diana! Turned out PERFECT! XO, Aimee

  10. Thanks so much for the easy tut!! Love the clock look. So glad I found you. Does anyone happen to know a good site to buy different sizes of clock hands if one were wanting to use a real clock? I think hobby lobby has just a size or two. Thanks in advance!

  11. Wow! What a great idea! Turned out great ;)
    Jamie @

  12. WOW! grand and beautiful large clock! I too these days I have created a very large one is stuck in a square frame! But I would like to make another like yours who knows maybe propro! .. Congratulations veramento a really beautiful watch!

  13. Beautiful clock but the 4 should be iv not iiii.

    1. Well I went by what I saw on the original Pottery Barn Clock and what I saw on most of the clocks I looked at, and Its IIII not IV.

  14. Hi Diana!

    This is such a fabulous project and we featured it today! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Take care,


  15. Very cool! I would love to try this, I wonder if you can get working hands to make a clock too? Not that it would have to 'work' just wondered if you can... Thanks for sharing your tutorial, found you on Uncommon Designs.