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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Highlights

Another month has passed us by, I can't believe April is over and we are in May! --To get to know us as a family a little better and get a little "behind the camera/blog posts" I decided to share our highlights of the month. April was a very busy month for us. It started with a nice vacation in the sunshine state and ended with hard labor on our house.

We took Luke to the beach for the first time and we all had a blast. The water was to cold for him  but he loved the soothing sound of the ocean and slept like a baby! I was a little nervous abut this trip because I've never been on vacation with a 4 month old BUT it was a lot easier that I expected.

 On our way back from Florida, we got a little surprise from our transmission on our SUV and had to get a new car. You might be wondering, "why a van for one kid?" Well, since we needed to get a new car we decided to buy a van now because Luke will eventually have more brothers or sisters to play with. We also wanted a van because I'm pretty short and I had a hard time getting Luke in and out of a big SUV. The van is WAY easier and I love the automatic doors. 
I remember saying, "I am NEVER going to drive a van...Well my friends never say never.
 Our little peanut turned 4 months and started rolling over. We were so excited when he did it for the first time and now he won't stay still for one second.

 We have been working on replacing all our regular light bulbs to LED High efficiency ones and we finally finished -- we would buy a few at a time because they aren't cheap.
 I am working on redecorating our diniing area in our house and this is what I have so far. I'm still working on the bottom half of the wall, it needs to be painted white. And I'm still not sure if I want to put anything in the corner. I'll update on that soon.
I started going to garage sales and here is what I found.
-Garden bench for my parents backyard -- My dad is going to pressure wash it and repaint it.
- All-wood framed mirror that I'm going to re-finish for my parents' entry.
- Found some all-wood frames that I'm going to re-do *all-wood frames is something you dont want to pass.. there are endless things you can make with them.**
- Last but not least I found a brand new lamp that I'm going to re-do (I'm really excited about this one)
 Aaaand here is where the hard labor comes in. For the past week John and my dad have been working on putting french drains along our house. So yes, my yard is full of holes and trenches in it BUT it will be worth it in the end because they are getting all the drains to empty out deep into our backyard instead of near the house. This will give us a GREAT excuse to re-do our landscaping!! 

So there you have it folks, the highlights of our month... exicting right? 
I hope you all have a lovely month of May!!

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  1. Luke looks so adorable! You should have taken a video of him rolling around. Cute, embarrassing videos are always nice. :P

    As for the car, I agree with you. Going for the long term seems to lean on getting a van, and you will really appreciate the space when you start going on vacations in it.

    Ava Harness

    1. Thank you! You know I try to get video clips of the little guy and every time I pull it out, he stops going cute things and just sits there and looks up at me... I try but I'll get it one day! :)