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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY: From Mirror to Chalk Board

Remember that mirror I found at a garage sale from my April post? Well, I finally got around to re-purposing it. My original plan was to re-finish it for my parents front entry, but they found something else to use and I ended up keeping the mirror. I've always wanted to make a chalk board for my quest bedroom/craft room but I never found the right shaped, sized, or priced mirror I could transform until I got this one. This project was so easy and simple to make, anyone can pull this one off. All you need is an old mirror or picture frame, paint, painters tape, and patience.

 Remember this old thing?
As Always, start by giving your mirror and frame a good wipe down. 

 ** I use water-base paints and primers because they are really easy to clean and I don't have to use harsh chemicals**
 After it's nice and clean, apply a thin coat of Zinsser No-Sanding primer with a sponge brush-- this is a very important step because it will save you from having to sand the wood down in order for the paint to stick. 
** Don't worry about getting paint of the mirror because the chalk paint will cover it very nicely.**

 ** At first, I used regular paint and a paint brush, instead of my usual spray paint method, but I really hated the way it looked**

Spray paint to the rescue! I applied 2 coats of SP to get a nice smooth finish.

 After your frame is nice and dry, tape up the whole frame real good so the black chalk paint won't get on the white frame.

 Spray the mirror part with the chalk paint. I applied 3 coats leaving 10 minutes of drying time between each application.
** It looks glossy in the picture because it was wet when I took it, but once it's all dry it will be a matte finish**

 Take the tape off and you've got yourself a gorgeous chalk board you can call your own.

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  1. Very cute! The shape of it is so cute as a chalkboard!

    Heidi @