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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trash to Treasure: Old Windows

 Remember these beauties from my May post? Well, I finally got around to fixing them up. If you ever come across old windows that are made from wood don't pass them up! With a good wipe down, some sandpaper, paint & stain, you can turn trash into something beautiful. There are endless things you can use old windows for.  I used one window as my main piece of decoration to dress a mantle over a bed. Here is how I turned these old ugly windows into a cute classy rustic piece of decor.

1. Using a damp cloth I gave the windows a good wipe down
2. I took out the glass (be very careful when doing this)
3. Sand it down with 120 grit sandpaper. (You can also do this by hand if you don't have an electric sander.)
 Here they are smooth and clean.

 Next thing I did was applied a thin coat of flat white paint with a paint brush. -- Can you believe I didn't use spray paint?! :)
 Let them dry for 30 min before you start with the distressing part.

 Using 120 grit sandpaper distress as much or as little as you would like. 
Here is how mine turned out.
 This next part is optional, I decided to do this just to give the windows a more old rustic look.

 Dip a clean cloth in some stain and roughly wipe down.
 Finished look.

 Like the headboard? Here is how I made it. 
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