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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

From Scrap Wood to Sign Tutorial

I have a huge bin of wood left from old projects and I try to use every piece of wood I can in some way. I was left with some random pieces of thin wood from my entryway bench John built for me and I thought I would make a small sign to display in my little man's room. Here is how it turned out...It's very simple to make and guess what? I had all the materials on hand so it only cost me a few pennies to make. (FREE)

I took a small piece of wood and lightly sanded it with 150 grit sand paper

After sanding it down, I applied one coat of basic matte white paint with a brush.

I used the same technique for transferring the words on the wood as I did for my nautical sign. Print the words out on regular white paper, cut, and place where you prefer. Secure with painters tape.

Slide graphite paper under the words and trace with a pen.

Fill in the letters with paint and a thin brush.

When the paint is all dry, distress with 150 grit sand paper.

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