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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trash to Treasure: Old Windows

 Remember these beauties from my May post? Well, I finally got around to fixing them up. If you ever come across old windows that are made from wood don't pass them up! With a good wipe down, some sandpaper, paint & stain, you can turn trash into something beautiful. There are endless things you can use old windows for.  I used one window as my main piece of decoration to dress a mantle over a bed. Here is how I turned these old ugly windows into a cute classy rustic piece of decor.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY Upholstered Headboard

I've had this headboard project for my guest bedroom on my to-do list for a while now and I finally gathered all my supplies to make it. As you know from my Pottery Barn Clock post that I love pretty much everything from PB. I saw this headboard on their website and I knew I could make something similar for WAY less. Theirs (with shipping) will run you about $1,000... I paid $50! Although mine is a bit thinner than the one at PB, it still looks great (in my opinion) and no one will know it was a DIY unless you tell them. 

Materials and measurements:
One plywood board- cut 5ft X 3ft
One 2X4 wood- cut 4ft long
 1" Foam-- 4 yards
Batting-- 2 yards
Fabric-- 2 yards
Upholstery Nails 7-- 24 count boxes
Spray adhesive

Tape measure
Circular saw 
Staple gun
Flat head Screwdriver
Rubber hammer

Monday, June 3, 2013

May Highlights

Happy Monday everyone! The month of May for us has been a crazy busy one! We did something different every week and we got a lot of things done that we had planned to get done in this past month. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

At the very beginning of the month we did trim work on our entry, dining room, and upstairs hall way. (finished pictures coming soon). This took about a week because we did it ourselves and let me tell you... It was NOT easy!! I don't know HOW many times John had to cut and re-cut the corners and the stair part to make it look perfect. My job was to seal all the nail holes, sand, and paint-- the painting was the most time consuming because I had to apply a ton of coats to get a nice bright white and a smooth finish. But we love working and building together so in the end it was fun and we both had a blast.

You're probably wondering about these old, dirty, ugly, windows.
My dad found these old windows somewhere out in the country and brought them home for me to re-finish. Funny thing is, I've been looking for old windows to re-do for a very long time and never found them. (My dad knows me well.) I will have a post of these beauties very soon because I got working on them as soon as I got them.
Here is a sneak peek of my living room re-decorating. I got a new rug and some new furniture that I will show as soon as I bring them all together.
One of my big projects this month was to build a headboard for my guest bedroom. Here is a little sneak peek of that.
We planted a garden!! It's not big; but we didn't want to plant a ton of stuff and for the plants to end up dying, but it's actually doing very well! We planted tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, yellow squash, and jalapenos. All the plants are growing very nicely, I will update on the progress.
This month we also celebrated my first Mother's day and John's gift to me was a fig tree that he planted for me. Now, you're probably thinking..... wow... he bought you a tree?! It was the most perfect, romantic and thoughtful gift, and here is why... I absolutely LOVE figs and I craved them more than anything while I was pregnant with Luke. I wanted to grow a fig tree but I could never find the plant to buy. But John took care of everything, he found a store that carried the tree and planted it for me as well.

Last and certainly not least. Here is my little peanut-- he is growing and changing so fast! I try and savour each moment with him and John. Luke is almost 6 months, we started him on solids this months and he absolutely loves food. YAY!!
 I hope you all have a wonderful, fun, and safe month of June!!

Projects from the month of May

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