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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIY Yarn Rosette Wreath

Since the weather has been really nice here in the good 'ol south, I've been doing a lot more crafts. I think being able to get out and feel the warm sun brightens up my spirit and makes me be more productive, I'm probably not alone. Since we are officially into the spring season, I decided to make a wreath for my own door. I went with a bright fuchsia for the felt rosettes and grassy green for my monogram letter, I felt like those two colors pared together with a black and white wreath ring would scream-- HELLO SPRING!!!
Scroll on down to see how I made this wreath, and YOU can make it too!!!
As I started wrapping the wreath ring I realized I forgot to take pictures, but you get the idea so far right?
Start with a plain wreath ring, tie a knot with the yarn to start your wrapping. Continue wrapping your wreath with white and black yarn 'till the whole wreath is covered. 

 I realized when I got to the end that I had a wider section of white yarn but I wasn't worried about it because I knew the rosettes would cover it. Don't sweat if this happens to you. It's an easy fix.
 I used the same technique for making the rosettes as I did in my DIY rosette wreath tutorial but instead of cutting a circle out of the felt, I cut an uneven rectangle to give the effect of flower petals throughout the rosettes. The bigger you cut your felt the larger the flower will be. I made a total of 14 rosettes for this wreath.
As for the leaves, cut a small piece of felt, fold over, and cut a curved line voila! You have a cute leaf.  
 I gave the monogram letter 3 coats of paint in the color lily pad green.

 Arrange the rosettes, and hot glue everything together.
Happy Spring everyone!! 


  1. Your wreath turned out beautifully! I have never made one with yarn; most of my wreaths are made with burlap or ribbon. Yours is so pretty, though! I also like that you used the straw wreath to wrap; I'm sure that's sturdy. Beautiful project! Just stopping by from What I Love Wednesdays… Happy Spring to you! :)

  2. I am in love with this wreath! So adorable.