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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bourne Southern Shop + Coupon Code

I'm always very flattered when I get asked to review products, but this review is unlike any I've done because what I got sent to me was handmade by a sweet friend of mine, Megan. If you haven't visited her Etsy shop --Bourne Southern, you are missing out on some great handmade pieces of decor. Megan is a loving wife, sweet momma of 2 adorable little boys. She works hard to cater to their needs and runs an awesome Etsy shop. I promised her I would give you a true and honest opinion on all the things she sent me so, here it is. 


Here is some info about each piece and what Bourne Southern can do for you! 

The personalized family name signs are completely customizable, you can choose from different background colors, font colors, and fun fonts that can be found in the shop

Extra large scrabble tiles are my absolute favorite! I love them because they are rustic and modern at the same time, no matter what style you like they will look perfect in your home. For $20 you can finish up a wall gallery, add a monogram initial to a bedroom, or add it to that corner in your kitchen that needs a little personalization --like I did!  

Last but not least, are Bourne Southerns' famous large scrabble tiles. These wooden tiles are so fun! And what's even more fun is the price. They are only $5 each! Perfectly cut, stained, and hand painted by Megan herself. You can spell any word or phase. They make such great wall decor, baby or wedding shower gifts, and photo prop! 

I was also informed that Bourne Southern will start carrying Scrabble Racks, which will allow you to display smaller letters on a mantle or table rather than hang on a wall!

Doesn't all that sound so fun!? Here is the best part about this review. 
I get a coupon code to share with all of you! 
Through September 28th, use coupon code "OXFORD10" at checkout to receive $10 off any $60 purchase or more. 

Extra Large Scrabble Tiles

Personalized Family Sign

Large Scrabble Tiles

Shop Bourne Southern: 

Remember to use coupon code "OXFORD10" at checkout to receive $10 off any $60 purchase or more. 
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