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Monday, September 22, 2014

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath & Decor

Summer has come to an end, and Fall has officially arrived here in the beautiful state of Georgia. I was really looking forward to decorating my front entrance this year, because we recently finished building a patio. 
For this year's fall wreath, I decided to make something simple; I have a lot going on around my door with a nice sized hay stack, pumpkins, and beautiful mum flowers. I didn't use the monogram letter or the chevron ribbon because the entrance was already so full and lush. 

Here is how I made a fluffy, bubble burlap wreath:  

Start by taking a handful of pipe cleaners and cut them in half with craft scissors.

Start with the main burlap ribbon. Scrunch one end of the ribbon, bring it up from underneath and around the clamp. Secure with a pipe cleaner.

Start weaving the burlap through each clamp and secure with a pipe cleaner. 

Repeat the steps above until you get something like this. 

For the bow, you'll need to cut 2 strips of burlap at 21 inches long.  

I have no idea what happened to the colors in this picture....Sorry 'bout that.

Fold the two strips of burlap in half (separately, not together) and bind together with hot glue.

Pinch the middle and secure with pipe cleaner.

Ignore the green paint on my arm.

Cut one yard of burlap and scrunch in the middle. 

Bring the 3 pieces of the ribbon together. Secure everything with a pipe cleaner, and add a small strip in the middle. 

Slide a pipe cleaner through the back of the bow to easily attach it to the wreath.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you have a warm and cozy Fall season! 

Have you seen last year's fall wreath

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  1. So clever and perfect for fall! I love it!

    Found you on Whatever Wednesdays!

  2. what a welcoming porch. i love all the little pumpkins on the haybale.
    happy fall,