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Friday, May 30, 2014

Baby Gear for Second-time Mom

While I was pregnant with Luke, I went on a research rant, researching for weeks at a time the best and most useful products to have for a baby. I always kept second baby in mind whenever I got something. I thought I had everything I needed for our second baby, and I did but the baby gear I had for my first didn't work for my second. It's really true what they say, "Second baby will be completely different than the first." I didn't use half the things I had for my son with my daughter. What worked on him didn't work on her. And having 2 kids under 2 I've learned the less things you have the better and finding the right baby gear is key to making it through a trip outside the house run somewhat smoothly.

1. I will admit, I am a stroller junky, I went through 2 different strollers before I got to the City Select and I can honestly say it's the best stroller I've ever owned. I started out with the Uppababy Cruz and I loved it a lot but once I found out I was pregnant I knew I would need a double stroller. I sold the Cruz and I got the Uppababy Vista. Again, I loved the Vista as well but the second seat that comes with the vista only faces inward and my son HATED that. 
With a little research I found the City Select and I can honestly say it's the best stroller I have ever pushed. And because the wheels are air filled I even use it to go jogging! It really is an all-in-one travel system.

2. I didn't have the Rock 'n Play sleeper with my son because he hated to be put in a bouncer, sleeper, swing, etc. I thought I would give it a try with my daughter and it is amazing in every way! She loves to sit in it because it keeps her cuddled. It's truly been a huge help to put her in there while I feed big bro or do daily chores around the house. 

3. This one is probably my most loved product. The Wrap from Solly Baby I've tried many carriers and wraps with my son and I can honestly say the Solly Baby is the best I've used. The wrap is super light but very strong at the same time. I can easily throw it in my diaper bag because it's not bulky. Ellie loves to be in the wrap because she feels close, warm, and cuddled next to mommy. And I love it because it allows me to be hands free which is very convenient when you have to run around after a hyper little boy.

4. The Gumdrop pacifiers are a must in our house. We started out with them at the hospital and we've stuck with them because they are easy to clean, and the kids love them. We didn't try to change them just because they were such a big hit with Luke.

5. Oh and I'm a diaper bag junky too. I can't even tell you how many bags I went through but one that has made my life a lot easier has been the Vera Bradley Backpack. It's spacious and organized with all the pockets inside. Best of all it lets me be hands free, not having to worry about it falling down my shoulder while I care for my little people. 

6. Ah, the glorious Vitamix. Mornings are pretty active in our house and I always try to make Luke a healthy, big breakfast and I owe it all to the Vitamix for helping me make yummy protein packed smoothies. It helps me make smoothies in seconds and the clean up is probably easier than making the drink. 

7. Last but not least are the Aden + Anais swaddle muslin blankets. Ellie loves to sleep with something touching her cheeks and these are perfect because they are so light and airy. I also use these to cover the car seat when we're out in the sun, as a cover up when I'm nursing, and use as burp cloths.

These are some of the main things I use on a daily basis to help make my life a little easier. Having 2 babies under 2 isn't easy but I found that these products have helped me have a smooth-er day. 
What are your favorite baby items?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No-Sew Bench Cushion

 I gave up searching for the right bench to put in my entry way, after I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for and if I found something it was ridiculously expensive.  Since we are DIY people I just got my hubs to build me a box with a lid that would open and close. I finished it off with a coat of paint and SUPER easy no-sew cushion. Don't you love the words NO-SEW?! I do!

2 in. foam (Jo-ann)
Fabric (Jo-ann)
Spray adhesive
Yard stick
Stapler & staples (Home Depot)

*I forgot to get batting when I was at the store and I didn't have the time or patience to go back, so I make it without the batting and it turned out perfectly fine! 

I started out by wiping the wood with a dry cloth and cutting the foam to fit on the piece of wood.
I sprayed the wood with adhesive and let it sit for about 2 minutes.
I then placed the already cut foam on the sprayed surface.
Drape the fabric on top if the foam.
Flip the whole thing over (you might need help with this), and staple to the back of the wood.
Nicely tuck in the corners and staple everything shut.
Have you seen my NO-SEW headboard?