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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blog Makeover & New Name

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I will soon be changing things around on here. When I first started this blog I thought I would only post DIYs and recipes from time to time but things always change and all the changes that happened on the blog were good. 

Here are the new changes you should expect coming in August.

1. New Name
One of the first things I did when I had the idea of starting a blog was come up with a name. I thought about it for weeks and the one that I kept going back to was "Decorate Me Diana". I liked how it kinda rhymed and I would be able to use my name. The reason why I am changing the name is because this blog is not just a DIY and decor blog anymore. I started posting more recipes, reviews, and mom related posts. The new name will better fit what my blog is all about. DIY. Food. and Life.  

2. New design
I've been working with an amazing, patient, and talented blog designer on giving the blog a new look. It will be clean, chic, and classy. 

3. Posting Schedule 
As most of you know I have my hands full with taking care of two little ones at home and one thing that I have been working on is managing my time better. My blog has gotten less posts since I had my second baby but I have figured out a good schedule to be able to post every week. You should be expecting a new post every Monday and Thursday. 

4. Sponsored Posts
One thing I want ALL of my readers to know is I only started this blog to share my ideas and recipes with the world. I did not start this blog to make money or have it full of advertisements to the point where it gets annoying to look at. My blog is growing every day and I have been getting emails about featuring and reviewing products. I want all of you to know that I only review and feature products and companies that I truly love and would use for me and my family. 

 I'm very excited of whats to come and I hope you all will enjoy and love the changes. Thank you to all my readers for taking the time to read what I have to share with you! 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Freshly Picked Review + Giveaway

One of the many things Luke has in common with his Mama is he loves to wear shoes. When it's time to go out he gets really excited, runs to his shoe basket and grabs his Freshly Picked moccasins. I was always a huge fan of Freshly Picked and when I got the email saying they would like to send me a pair I literally ran in circles (just kidding -but not really).
The hardest part was choosing a color. FP has such awesome colors that I wanted all of them! I decided to go with the walnut color since I was able to match them to pretty much all of Luke's clothes and I'm so happy with my decision. I would still get all of them if I could.

What we love ::
They are very trendy.
Easy to put on.
Very light and flexible
Easy to clean.
They stay on the foot.
They are super comfy because Luke always wants to wear them.
Yes, they get worn faster than regular shoes but FP uses high quality leather that helps with the wear and tear.

The Freshly Picked team is truly amazing. They take the time to respond to emails, comments on Facebook, and Instagram. The founder Susan Peterson has such an inspiring story and she's always so fun and full of joy.

The best part about this post is, I get to give a pair of these cute shoes to you in whatever size and color you choose! The rules are very simple, all can enter except, if you have won a Freshly Picked giveaway within the last 60 days. Enter using the easy and convenient Rafflecopter.   
Have fun and be Blessed!  
Ends July 31, 2014

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Friday, July 11, 2014

A review :: puj Splash

 Bath time is always a crazy mess in our house.  John bathes Luke while I wash little baby Ellie. Both baths happen at the same time in our tiny little bathroom.  With bath bubbles and water all over the floor we do our best to bathe both of them without going totally insane. One thing that helped this crazyness is our puj Splash kit. I was recently chosen to try out this new addition from puj and it has changed how we do bath time. While John still has to deal with Luke's' water splashes. I get to have some happy bath time with my girl. 
Before I received the puj Splash for Ellie I would bathe her in a big bulky tub that I would have to place on the floor. I would get all wet from Luke's splashing and wouldn't be able to give Ellie the sweet bath she deserves.
What is the puj Splash? A convenient all-in-one bath essentials for easy fun bath time with your newborn.  It includes the Flyte bath tub which is a flexible compact newborn tub that you can easily fit in your sink. The Hug bath towel, which is a soft hooded towel that allows you to easily wrap your baby using the hands-free tabs (will explain below.) For easy access to the towel, 3 nubs that you can stick anywhere to hang the towel are also included. And last but not least 3 plush wash cloths that are perfect for delicate baby skin. 

 As you can see our sink is pretty small but I was able to easily fit this super light tub with no problems whatsoever. Putting it away is also easy because all you need to do is drain the water and it easily folds in half, it has a very convenient draining hole so all the water is able to get out, leaving you with a dry tub and no worries about mold appearing.
Although Ellie will need to switch to the Puj infant tub soon, she is still sitting very comfortably in the Flyte. She was able to stretch out her legs without splashing water everywhere.  One thing I really like about this tub is, no water gets near her ears which is something I always worried about in the tradition bath tub. We are very happy with this kit!
 After our sweet bath I was able to wrap her up with the soft Hug towel that comes in the splash kit. I had easy access to the towel thanks to the nubs that are also included. Oh, and did I mention this towel is a "hands free" towel? Meaning the two silicone tabs you see above interlock around my neck which gave me free hands to easily pick up Ellie and wrap her up in the towel.
 Overall Opinion 
Pros ::  The Flyte tub is very soft yet sturdy, it's very compact and perfect for on-the-go, small spaces,  or just the plain fact that you don't want big bulky baby gear in the bathroom. 
The wash cloths are excellent for sensitive skin because they are gentle and soft. They are also larger than most traditional wash cloths which I love.
The Hug towel makes it very easy for me to quickly wrap her up before she gets cold. I love the build in hood-- no more bare wet head. And to go with the towel, the nobs are very sleek and sturdy. They make it so easy for me to hang the towel behind me on the door.

Cons :: I honestly can't think of any cons other than the fact that Ellie is almost grown out of it but that's not really a con because this is a newborn tub and my little missy is no longer a newborn.

I highly recommend this set to any new parents to invest in. It's everything you need in one for a stress free bath with your little one.

Get your own Splash set from puj. Use coupon code SPLASHTESTER20 to receive 20% off your bath set through July 31, 2014!